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PATH! Course, way!

Direction. Passage. Pathway. Route. Trail.

Follow this for a sure way to get where you are going.

We like hiking. Mountains, valleys, hills, trails.

And When Hiking! we are thankful for a path.

Mountains, valleys, hills, trails! easy to get lost.

But follow the path and it

Reminds us someone has been before us.

Somebody knows the way.

Oh it is nice to be on a path

Knowing others have gone before you.

Not only gone before you! they have succeeded!

They know how to get there.

Follow the path and there is a good shot you too will get there.

A life with no paths may be fun and adventurous,

But to be honest, there is a comfort in a sure path.

This is What We Know! The Path is here!

Because someone has done it before you.

If you follow our instructions, do as we do,

Soon, Your Bountiful Harvest!

You are going to get there because someone has gone before you.

We are grateful for the path! We are grateful for the trail!

We are grateful for the Bountiful Harvest!