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One of our favorite stories as a kid is the

Little Engine that Could!

The train, you know the story.

A big hill to climb. Not sure it can. Not positive.

As the train goes up the hill
I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can.

The higher it goes the slower it goes.

Finally it gets to the top of the hill.

You know the story.

Now it can breathe a little. Now going downhill.

The train engine now saying
I Thought I Could I Thought I Could I Thought Could.

Almost every day we are like that, bet you too.

There is a project in front of us.

Something to do. Big. Tough. Time consuming.

And we are not wanting to do it.

Winners and Whiners! There is a difference.

Winners know the right thing to do and do it,
Then feel good about it.

Whiners want to feel good first before doing anything.

Determination is right at the heart. Yes, determination!

You and I do things daily that we know we should do,
So that someday we can do the things we want to do.

Things we should do. Things we want to do.

Stay determined today.

Do not give up.

You can make it.