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Traffic Hoopla Corn

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Online Advertising Corn

Just because you have it,
Good wholesome corn will not nourish you.

The fact that you are deeply interested
In a successful online business
Will not of itself achieve it.

The thing that brings success is that you actually eat them.

And what is this eating?

In eating,
You so completely assimilate the corn
That it becomes part of yourself.

You eat it,
It enters into your blood, forming your flesh and bone.

This has to be done in a small quantity at a time,
Two or three times a day, every day of the year.

This is the law of nourishment.

We are talking about Your Online Business, and Your Hoopla!

To build any successful online business requires daily traffic building.

Daily traffic building is exactly Your Hoopla!

The eating!
Do it, traffic building, small amounts at a time,
Two or three times a day, every day of the year.

No one exists without eating!

No successful online business without traffic building.

Oh, even the giants do this,
Although they may buy it with their deep pockets.

You and me, we roll our sleeves up and work it.

Yes Yes Yes!!! we started with nothing.

We spent many years working the free route,
Working several hours here and there every day of the year.

This type of eating works!

If you follow, if you do, soon, Your Bountiful Harvest!

Follow what? Your Hoopla! Login, review and take action.

We are here to help. Bountiful blessings to you this day.