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Sow the Seeds!

All us want to do well.

We all want to be prosperous.

But prosperity is NOT a divine right

Without us putting forth the effort!

It is like being a farmer

And wanting a great harvest

But not wanting to sow any seeds.

That does NOT work!

To be prosperous! To have a great harvest!

You are faithful and diligent in sowing that seed.

As you sow that seed

There is relationship between sowing and reaping.

It is the seed that replenishes and grows! not the sower!

The replenishing and growth prosperity

Comes in the seed planted, not the sower!

So true!

But unless you put the seed in the ground there is no prosperity.

So today when you are sowing seed

And not yet reaping something big

Remember that in due season

What you sow you reap!

If you are sowing today, prosperity is in your future!

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