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Viral Hoopla Hungry

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Viral Advertising Hungry

To Be Satisfied First Be Hungry!

Perhaps you are unsatisfied …

Advertiser, marketer, affiliate, member, owner …

Asking, looking, working to satisfy …

Let me frankly tell you

One unsatisfied may not be the hungry one.

In order to be satisfied, we must first be hungry.

Many venture out, waste all, and later long to be filled.

This is being unsatisfied.

Some, though, may be filled, yet remain unsatisfied.

Hence being unsatisfied is one thing,

Whereas being hungry is another.

We may be unsatisfied yes;

But we still ask and look and work the same every day.

So, it is better that we be hungry

Instead of being merely unsatisfied.

Only those hungry will follow and do.

Only those hungry will stick to it.

Only those hungry will take action today.

Only those hungry will see the big picture and go for it.

Only those hungry achieve success! Successful!

No more merely unsatisfied. Yes hungry!